Mirror Projector

An art installation with 6x6 kinetic mirrors to project light and images.
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Mirror Projector is a kinetic sculpture that uses a cluster of computer-controlled mirrors to harvest light from the sun or artificial light sources, and then reflects live images of light on canvas to form live graphics. Each mirror is fully controlled to reflect one spot of light to a specific position; it becomes a pixel. So, the mirror array forms an image from all the spots of light. The array itself is an extravagant expression of a digital micro-mirror projector’s construction. The audience will be able to appreciate not only the images but also the inner workings of the projector.

This project is an exploration of deconstruction and reconstruction. Each mirror has 4 coils. A pair of them drives the mirror and the other pair senses its position. This feedback loop ensures high accuracy of movement. A Raspberry Pi (a compact Linux computer) calculates all mirrors’ movements.

Exhibition:ITP Spring Show 2013

Technical Highlights:Fast and silent motion control

Dimensions:3 x 4 x 1 ft
 0.9 x 1.2 x 0.4 m


 Stainless steel
 Customized circuits and software

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