An interactive installation using kinetic wheat to represent the connected world.
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  NYCxDESIGN Honoree
ioNature: Wheat Field is an interactive kinetic installation that is activated by the presence of an audience. As one approaches, the stalks of wheat ripple in waves as if caused by the invisible currents created by the body moving through space. As you move, so does the wheat; you are interconnected.

The entire art installation visually and metaphorically illustrates the connection between the body and nature and the technology used to control it. The installation raises a few questions: What will the future be like when everything is connected? For better or for worse, what role will be we play in using technology to wield those connections? Will technology, which is created and executed by mankind, ever completely control our natural surroundings?

This piece is curated by Mr. Kendal Henry, and commissioned by Arts Brookfield (The event page1 The event page2).

Exhibition:5 Manhattan West, commissioned by Arts Brookfield
 15 MetroTech Center, commissioned by Arts Brookfield

Dimensions:23 x 8.7 x 4.5 ft
 7.1 x 2 x 1.4 m

Time:April 9, 2018 - June 1, 2018  October 7, 2019 - November 1, 2019

Medium:Dried wheats
 Bended plywood
 Customized circuits and software

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5 Manhattan West, 2018

15 MetroTech Center, 2019

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