Plinko Poetry

An interactive installation that invites people to create blackout poetry.
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Plinko Poetry is an interactive installation that invites audiences to create blackout poetry using current news titles from different news sources. The interface allows people to remove words from their original context to become a playful and satirical reminder of their meaning.

Players can pick a chip and insert it into the top slot of the Plinko Poetry machine. The peg board in the front of the machine will alter the chip's path in a random direction, and the words behind the chip will be immediately highlighted. In this way, the machine blacks out all other words and displays a poem only with the words selected by the chip. Then a printer below the display will print out the poem for players.

Dimensions:72 x 24 x 24 in
 183 x 61 x 61 cm / each


Medium:32" TV, printer, Raspberry Pi 2
 Peg board and frame
 V1.0 has one camera
 V2.0 has multiple sensors
 Customized circuit and software
 Acrylic, Stainless steel

Exhibitions:Time Square, 2016
 Grand Central Terminal, 2016
 Trump Tower 5th Avenue, 2016
 World Maker Faire (New York), 2015
 Barnes & Noble, 2015
 ITP Winter Show, 2011

Press:Creative Applications
 FastCo Design
 Make Magazine
 "The Best of Design 2013", Core77

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