Plinko Poetry

Turn News Into Digital Poems

Plinko Poetry is an interactive installation that allows users to create black out poetry using current news' titles. The interface allows people to remove words from their original context and becomes a playful and satirical reminder of their meaning. Plinko Poetry was picked up by Creative Applications, Gizmodo, FastCo Design, Engadget, MAKE, and The Verge.

A new 8 feet by 8 feet version of Plinko Poetry was made for SIGGRAPH 2016 Art Gallery. Players can climb up on the back of the installation. When they release a ball there, the ball will select words from SIGGRAPH headlines to generate poems.

Poems Created on Maker Faire 2015

In 2 days, people turned September 26, 2015 news titles into 1013 poems. Here are a few of them.


Deqing Sun
Creative Technologist
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Peiqi Su
Interactive Designer
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